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What you'll find in each section


These hyperlinks will take you to resources off of this site; Like Boyer Valley's school Website, for instance.

These links will take you to historical documents which we will use during various times during the year.

These are pages with valuable information about the class, policies or procedures.

These pages have to do with Current Events. They're still under development, but I plan to revise them so that we can use them more often in the future.
Chapt. #

There's a page for every chapter which we study in Civics (and several which we may not!). Look for the chapter number and description and click on the page you need. Each page contains links to section notes slideshows, section review questions assignments, and lots of other links to videos and other resources.

Part of Civics is not just government and economics or history and political science- it's also learning about civility, civilization and citizenship. These pages offer discussion and resources about psychology, sociology, human behavior, human-relations, manners and character-education.

I don't have Drop Everything And Read (silent, sustained reading time) until 5th period, I do have some suggestions if you're looking for something to read or to use for Battle of the Books (BOB) or for a Language Arts class.

There are certain habits of mind, attitudes, values and virtues which will not only make you a better citizen, they'll help you become a more successful learner! These pages will introduce you to ways you can overcome your greatest obstacle to learning- yourself!

These pages offer some background on the social studies disciplines.

From note-taking to preparing for tests. Here are some pages which should help you not just be more successful in Civics, but hopefully prepare you for high school and college too.