Usually there will be links to Chapter Section Notes Slideshows in Mr. Mallory's Planbook.
Three places to look for Notes Outline Worksheets in the Civics classroom are 1) on the lectern, 2) In front of the red "no-name" box on the table beneath the map or 3) on the counter under the cabinets by the lantern. But you really don't need a worksheet. So long as you label the notes with which section they cover and put your name on them, you can use your own paper.

<<Look in the Left-hand Menu for links to Chapters. Links to Chapter Section Notes Slideshows are usually on the top third of each page.

Click above to print your own copy of a Cornell Notes Worksheet, but really, you don't need to print a copy of this worksheet to take "Cornell" Notes, all you need is a piece of paper and to remember the three steps.
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