Great American Melt-In Pot

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Current Events

Your Family's History
  • Family Tree Worksheet (You can also use this for your autobiography project with Mrs. McQueen)
    If you're interested in genealogy and family trees, you may enjoy

  • Use your Family Tree to find out where your ancestors came from. Mark the cities/states they've lived in on the county, state and national maps. If you can find out from your parents or grandparents, trace where your ancestors immigrated from on the world map too.

    Just like on the Family Tree, try to complete it as thoroughly as you can, but don't worry if there are parts which you can't do. Some families may have lived in the same town/are for several generations. Some students may not be able to gather much information about anyone further back than their grandparents. But if you CAN find out more, do.

Things to think about this chapter